Hydrogen Storage Solutions

Hydrogen Storage Solutions for Mobile Rugged Environments

Taking Hydrogen canisters from a H3 reformer to a truck that can distribute H2 for commerical use.

Hydrogen Storage Solutions for Mobile Rugged Environments

Bio-Reformer Trailer System

ETI's Natural Gas Feed Stock for H2 Generation and On Site Use for Fuel Cells!

Configured for Re-cycle of Waste Products for Market Sale; Module Reduction if Waste is Processed as Disposable Waste to Landfill.

Shelters with Solar Fly

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Tactical Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are power generation devices that operate on hydrogen and oxygen to provide clean, efficient electrical power with only water and heat as byproducts. Fuel cells can provide power for a variety of applications including portable, stationary, and transportation.

Fuel Cell


  • The Fuel Cell Power Plant (FPP) features global outputs (120/220 VAC, 50, 60 or 400 Hz: 12, 24, 48, 72 or 125 VDC) allowing it to be deployed anywhere in the world and used with any electronic equipment.
  • Additional hydrogen fuel canisters can provide several hours to days of continuous operation.
  • Individual Load Control: local and/or remote manually or via TTY, HTTP or SNMP software
  • Very quiet operation in all modes.
  • Trays slide for easy access.
  • Optional Hydrogen Fuel Reformer System (HFRS)

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Hydrogen Fuel Reformation Systems

Hydrogen Fuel reformer

Designed to be a packaged as an integrated system, this unit has the ability to produce usable hydrogen for the developed Tactical Fuel Cell power plant and other hydrogen dependant devices from three different feedstocks.

Additionally the hydrogen reformer has the ability to take the produced hydrogen and replenish the hydrogen storage unit that is currently a part of the Tactical Fuel Cell power plant. Efforts are in place to manufacture the reformation module into a tactical case to be delivered as a total solution.

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