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Bio-Reformation Trailer System

ETI's Natural Gas Feed Stock for H2 Generation and On Site Use for Fuel Cells!

Configured for Re-cycle of Waste Products for Market Sale; Module Reduction if Waste is Processed as Disposable Waste to Landfill.

    Bio-Reformer Trailer System

    •The Base-Facilitated Reforming (BFR) process has been demonstrated on wide variety of fuels. A biomass reforming process towards commercialization ready for 500/1500 Kg Per Day for Ohio location demonstration. ƒ

    • The reforming temperatures using the BFR process are significantly lower than the electrolysis or steam reformation process of the fuels. ƒ

    • Reformation in a liquid phase at low temperatures of fuels has been demonstrated. ƒ

    • The BFR process exhibits good H2 Generation rates at the low temperatures of operation. ƒ

    • The BFR process is a simple one step process. Pure H2 and no CO and CO2 produced. WGS reaction and PSA are therefore avoided and the process is environmentally clean. ƒ

    • The BFR process is economically feasible and competes well with other technologies.

Removing and transporting Hydrogen produced in Container System

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